For Ages 15+

At DragonFly Martial Arts Academy a good number of our students fall into the category we call our “Elite Warriors.” Martial arts school industry standards suggest a lull when students reach more advanced levels. The fact that many martial art schools don’t have a large enrollment in this area is proof they are not doing something correctly.

Kickboxing – Strength and Conditioning

Men and women in this program simply shred through their fitness and personal protection goals like they were nothing. Our fun, energetic, easy-to-do classes burn fat, create muscle, improve tone, and increase vitality through an exhilarating, 800 calorie per hour Kickboxing workout.

Your confidence will soar while you escape from the daily grind and experience our stress relieving workout. Maximize your transformational improvement with our FREE expert nutritional advice infused into the one-of-a-kind program.

Boost fun and entertainment value as you hit pads and graduate to higher levels of skill. Sculpt your body and gain applicable coordination with our proven exercises.

If you’re looking for the time of your life while gaining measurable results or wanting to enhance your athletic capacities/performance, then you’ve found the perfect program.