For Ages 15+

Our programs are made to fit adults of all sizes, shapes, fitness ability and exercise capability. We pride ourselves in having a program for all adults, whether they haven’t exercised in years or are fitness experts in peak condition. At DragonFly Martial Arts Academy we have taken years of experience, combined it with ancient traditions, and developed programs that are perfect for everyone!

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is one of the most highly practiced martial arts in the world today. The great thing about our program is we have classes for any skill level. No matter whether you just want to train as if you were going into competition or actually compete, we have a class for you. Burn through fitness and personal safety barriers, achieve your fitness goals, gain muscle tone, sculpt your body, strengthen your core, burn fat all the while having fun and feeling an immense sense of peace of mind. Learn to personally protect yourself from assault and protect your loved one’s using Jiu Jitsu by using your strongest leverages and muscle groups against adversaries weaker joints and areas. This is great for all, yet especially for women as this martial arts uses leverages of the body to counteract size differences.