Who Else Wants to Get 2-Weeks of Muay Thai/Fitness for FREE?

Perfect for 13 & Up!
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  • Get a personal Kickstart welcome from former Navy Seal, Kenny Bigbee Jr.
  • One Kick-Start Intro Appointment To Get You Started At Academy
  • 2-Weeks FREE VIP Of Unlimited Training At Academy
  • Relieve Stress, Get Personal Time Like A Mini Vacation
  • Gain Confidence From Looking Great, Resetting your Mindset, Knowing How To Better Protect Yourself And Feeling Fit

Here’s What You Can Expect From DragonFly Fit!

Burn Fat

in Our “Burn” Portion of the Workout

Sculpt Your Body

In The “Build” Portion Of Our Workout

Feel Centered & Confident

in our “Breathe” Portion of the Workout

Get Fit

To Your Favorite Pulse Pounding Music


The entire team at DragonFly, led by head Coach Kenny Bigbee, is exceptional.

They are truly dedicated to teaching authentic Martial Arts and have a positive culture that is challenging yet makes each workout enjoyable. After a year of training under Coach Kenny, my skill level as a Martial artist has dramatically improved. I highly recommend DragonFly to anyone that is wanting to learn practical Jiujitsu and Muay Thai and get in great shape too!

- Sean Eichenberg

I have loved working out here for the last three and half years as a family!

Not only doing the strength and conditioning, but love learning self defense doing muay thai! Great instructors and energy here!

-Michele Carman

DragonFly is family!

My boys and I learned not only how to defend ourselves but respect, confidence and proper manners. The teaching is incredible and the experience is one of a kind.

-Natalie Gray

Everyone is a big family here.

Great place to train from beginner to advanced, great family environment, great classes and teachers.

-Matt Bartlett

Top notch Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai and fitness programs.

DragonFly provides a family friendly and welcoming environment for all ages and skill levels.

-Jennifer Foley

Great place to get involved with Martial arts!

I have been training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for over a year here now and could not be happier with the staff and training. If you are looking for a place that brings out the best in you I highly recommend dragonfly!

-Mauricio Trincado

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