Dear Parents

Thank you first for taking time to read this section of my website. For those of you that have children currently training in my school I am honored that you have taken the time to research and I am glad we were your final decision. For those of you who are parents but do not have children currently training in my schools or live too far from any of our locations or affiliates, I intend to make this section beneficial to you as well.

The information here is for basic educational use only and should not be taken as the only way to do things. Most of what I will post is based on my personal experience or research, but I highly suggest if you are unclear or uncomfortable you seek advise from someone you feel you can trust. Our contact us with any specific questions or concerns.

There are many techniques that I have learned after dealing with thousands of children who were my students over the last 25 plus years. The advice I share has worked incredibly well but each case is special and may need to be tweaked for it to work for you. I will layout basic boundaries and a foundation for you and it is my hope you incorporate it into your own style, methodology and lifestyle.

Of course I may use philosophies that are contradictory to yours but all I ask is that you do not dismiss the concepts but merely have an open mind and try what I have to say. If it works we hit a home run, if not you only wasted a small bit of your time. I do believe if you try some of our methods you will not be unhappy that you did.

I hope you enjoy this section!

In spirit,

Kenny Bigbee